Peril of the High Seas


2 Whip Feather Token
4 tanglefoot bags
2 mw studded leather
6 bolas
2 mw guisarme
2 mw sap
2 climber’s kit
2 drow poison
2 manacles
Hide Armor x3
Clubs x6
Gem necklace x1
2 masterwork hand axes
masterwork composite longbow (+4 Str)
100-pound carved wooden statue of a river drake

The Basic Char Creation rules for this game
Traits included

Dear ?,
I hope you have been well these years of separation, I heard tale of the great deeds you did in ?
and have sent this letter in your wake and hope you get it. I have finally achieved my wish of being a ship captain and man my own ship for trade. As such I work out of the port town Lilywhite and would love it if you could come visit sometime. I am often out at sea so finding a time when I am home might be a bit of a challenge but I know I’ll be back in time for the rum festival.
You can use this letter or something similar to explain why you have arrived in the port town of Lilywhite. Lilywhite is located in the area called the shackles.
Some class suggestions are Swashbuckler, druid with aquatic animal companion, Corsair, do whatever you like though. Heavily armed chars will have a harder time swimming, and if underwater, which shouldn’t happen a lot if at all, you can’t drink potions or elixirs so alchemist is not advised.
You can play a merfolk that is able to cast Fins to Feet on themselves at will, but speed is 20 ft, and you lose your natural armor and dex bonuses. You can also be tripped as you are no longer legless. Other common/powerful races are allowed but ask as if not common class with a total +2 to stats.
To get your stats roll 4d6 12 times. You must keep one low number and should have at least 1 at 18. If you didn’t roll at 18 you can subtract from one other number you are keeping to add to a number to make it 18. So if you decided to keep a 7 14 16 16 17 17 then you can subtract from a 16 making it a 15 and turning one 17 to an 18. You can only do this once.
Guns are emerging but are not commonplace. See the emerging guns rule in firearms.
You can choose 2 traits, you can also take a drawback to get an additional trait. you can choose one of the following Campaign traits as one of your traits.
Sea Legs: You gain a +2 bonus on Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim checks on a ship.
Water Bender: can use hydraulic push 1/day as a spell like ability.
Water Child: You gain an additional +4 bonus on swim checks.
Underwater Charge: This requires you to have a natural attack. When using this natural attack as part of a charge underwater, the attack deals double damage, plus 1-1/2 times its normal strength bonus.
Powerful Swimmer: Receive a +10 foot bonus to your swim speed.
Gift of tongues: Because of your numerous contacts with many seafaring races learn 2 additional languages. The first time you put a rank in linguistics gain an additional language.
Fearless: gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against fear effects.
Adapted to Land(mermaids): You have grown accustomed to life on land and have land speed 30 ft. when you have legs.
Classic Duelist: You gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls made with a cutlass, rapier, scimitar or short sword.
Deep Breath (Ex): The Inner Sea pirate can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to three times her Constitution modifier before she must start making Constitution checks.
Strong Stomach: You can drink alcoholic beverages 1 +3 times your constitution mod before becoming sickened. You also gain a +2 fortitude bonus against poisons.
Rigging Monkey (Ex): Some pirates become skilled at climbing on ropes and rigging. +2 bonus on Climb checks when using a rope to help climb. In addition, when using a rope to help you climb, you can move at half you speed. (By accepting a –5 penalty you can move at your normal speed.)

Chars should be lvl 4, you can make 1 or 2 char. and this will take you to lvl 7


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