Peril of the High Seas

Mia's Doll

A Ghost Story.

A great fog wafted through the town and a cold chill filled the air. As the fog rolled in people scurried to finish their duties early and head home. As the young adventures rushed to the inn the fog enveloped them, bringing with it the crying of a small child. The adventurers hardly stayed at the inn before they were heading out to check on the young mother who was out mourning her child. A glace at the journal in her hand showed the amazing drawings of strange characters, some bright and happy, some strange and creepy. While escorting her back to the inn a strange figure was spotted on the roofs, but not everyone saw it, and one member of the party was already scared beyond words, so nothing was said as careful watch was kept. The fog had thinned a bit as a wind had blown it thin, and they arrived safely at the inn. Grabbing some dinner and wishing everyone a good night they split ways, only to be called out again by the strange blue one, who had found a strange doll on her bed. Thinking it might be the doll of the deceased girl, they asked her if she was there. Managing to make a brief appearance she came to them and asked them to protect her mother from the man who had murdered her, but before she could tell them who it was she disappeared, unable to maintain her finical form for long. The adventurers decide to watch that night and make sure no harm comes to the young mother. Nothing to exciting happened overnight though the innkeeper was acting strange and a distrust formed amongst the party.

The next morning they split ways to figure out what they could do, who could be behind this, and to watch the young lady whose life was at stake. Kaya who stayed at the inn did not find much, but did find her distrust for the innkeeper growing. Vozo followed the young lady and stayed to watch her home. Mossi and Sidka set out to find the young ghost, Mia’s, friend Frankie to see if they could learn more. As they found Frankie he was spying on the “mean Constable Jarr” who he suspected had something to do with Mia’s death. Learning more of Mia’s story, they slowing gained Frankie’s trust more, when the Constable started to move. With quick agaile moves he dashed across rooftops, and under bridges following the Constable, ending where he was investigating the robbery of a young merchant just in town. Flabbergasted, Frankie listened as he was being accused of a crime he never committed when his new friends offered up a plan to trick the Constable into thinking they are on his side. Now the adventures are chasing Frankie as he dashes across the rooftops, almost stepping on Vozo as she kept watch, Mossi and Sidka close behind and the Constable on their tail. What will become of these adventurers? Who is trying to harm Miss Banks, and did he really kill young Mia Banks who was just a child?


Starxplotion Starxplotion

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